Helping Hands


You have the research data and could use assistance with analysis or next steps in making social change happen

We will assist you to analyze and interpret data, document findings, prepare research papers ad reports, and develop a plan of action.

You have a vision to address social injustice/inequities in your community

At Social Change Solutions we take your idea through to implementation by assisting to design culturally appropriate research tools, place the issue in the appropriate cultural, historical, and social context and assesing root causes. We also look at needs and gaps in services, identify culturally-appropriate and unique solutions, and develop a collaborative community plan of action.

You are in the planning stages to address a key social issue in your community or organization

Social Change Solutions will work with you at whatever stage of planning you are at - from participatory-action collaboration to building long term goals that include results-driven action plans. We will assist to engage in collaborative action to move forward with your vision to address the issue, at whatever sage you are at in the planning process.