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Social Research & Analysis


Social Research

is important to learn about people and societies so services can be designed to cater to the specific needs of the people, ensure the community is heard, and the traditions are respected.

With you as the lead and you with the knowledge, Social Change Solutions is committed to our Guiding PrinciplesWe assist in the following areas of participatory-action Social Research:

Community Engagement


We recognize that all research and investigation must involve the full and authentic participation of key stakeholders, particularly those who will be directly affected by social research and/or planning outcomes.  We recognize that they are the experts, they define the space and the process for social research to be culturally-competent and successful.  It must be participant-driven with consistent attention given to the needs and interests of those impacted by the issues in question.  All relevant parties are engaged in the research process.

Oral Histories and Historical Research


For a full and deep understanding of a social issues it must be put into historical context; it is this understanding and knowledge, along with authentic participation of key stakeholders, that will facilitate positive social change.

Active Listening

We work for you. 

We listen.


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