Social Program Planning

Well planned, culturally-appropriate community based programs and services assist to support individual and community wellness.  The planning and development process is collaborative and involves all relevant stakeholders.  The set goals and outcomes evolve as a process that is results driven.

Our focus is on the following areas:

  • Impact of residential school systems and abuses

  • Aboriginal homelessness/shelter services

  • Violence against women & Domestic violence and abuse

  • Women's Issues

  • Community wellness

  • Education

Social Change Solutions will assist you with:

Community Engagement - We recognize that all planning must involve the full and authentic participation of key stakeholders, particularly those you will be directly affected by the planning outcomes.  For social programs to be culturally-competent and successful they must be participant-driven.

Data Collection and Analysis - Social Change Solutions is skilled in the design and analysis of both qualitative (interviews, focus groups, oral histories, talking circles) and quantitative (surveys, questionnaires) research methods

Community and Strategic Planning - We work with you to set priorities to address immediate and long term goals to address gaps in services and set clear and culturally-relevant objectives, timelines and work plans.  We assist to define culturally-specific outcome measures and evaluation plans. 

Needs Assessment - Grass-roots needs identification; To identify gaps in services and establish priorities to address immediate needs and set long-term goals.

Program Design and Implementation - Working with you, protocols, policies and procedures are developed to address program effectiveness.

Proposal Writing/Funding Proposals - We work with you to complete proposals with clear goals, objectives, timelines, action plans and outcome measures.​

Program Analysis and Evaluation - To understand whether a program is having the desired impact and/or whether there is room for improvement.  Social Change Solutions will assist to establish effective and culturally sensitive success indicators and outcome measures.

Project Report Writing - Compiling data and information at various stages of your project (planning and design, implementation, evaluation) to present your project or program in writing.

Social Program Planning FAQs

What is Social Program Planning?

Social Program Planning is the development of programs and projects pertainging to social issues and address social injustices and inequities to strengthen community (eg. domestic violence and abuse, homelessness, youth leadership, racism, women's issues, the legacy of the residential school system and abuses).

How do we conduct Social Program Planning?

Social Program Planning invovles community engagement in the social issues you wish to address, utilizing proven social research and data collection methods to gain deep and full understanding of the issue. This includes engaging all relevant stakeholders in strategic planning, assesing needs and gaps in services (needs assessment), program design/implementation and preparing proposals to whomever it is you wish to convey your vision for change.


Social Research & Analysis

  • Social Research

  • Historical Research

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Community Engagement

Social Program Planning

  • Needs Assessment

  • Program Design and Implementation

  • Program Analysis and Evaluation

Documenting Your Stories

  • Interviews

  • Investigating and Analysis

  • Documentation of Stories



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