Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Change?

Basic institutions within society (law enforcement, legal and political systems, education, family, the workplace, the division of labour - within both the family and the workplace) make up the prevailing social order. The institutions themselves, as well as the behaviours within them, create power imbalances across race, gender and social class. Social Change is the alteration of behaviours and practices and/or the institutions themselves to address power imbalances and thus the prevalent social injustices and inequities within the social institutions.

How can we facilitate social change?

1) A thorough and deep understanding of the issue is put in the social, historial, and cultural context that affects the behaviour or social issue in question. Culturally-sensitive and participatory action social research is atool for gaining deeper understanding of an issue we wish address. This process should always be collaborative, with the space and means of conducting the research community-driven. A firm such as Social Change Solutions assists with the skills to draw out and document information so that a clear and detailed community plan of action is set in place. 2) Gaps in services, systemic issues and root causes are collaboratively identified. 3) Culturally-appropriate priorities and solutions are identified. 4) Best practices or existing models may be examined, while consistently paying attention to the unique needs of the community or organization in action. 5) A community plan is detailed and set into action, with consistent collaboration and review of the plan for desired outcomes. Contact Social Change Solutions for a free one hour consultation about how we can work with you to attain your vision for social change.

What does a Sociologist do?

Sociologists bring to social issues a perspective for understanding the complexities of social interaction and an appreciation of the opportunities and constraints influencing social behaviour. Sociologists identify social forces that shape society and utilize their skills to understand, explain, and improve social life. Sociologists are highly trained in critical thinking, effective communication, and the packaging and analysis of information.

What Locations do you Service?

Social Change Solutions services all of Canada from coast to coast to coast, as well as the United States. Our head office is located in Vancouver, BC with another office in Ontario. We travel to your community and offer phone, email, and video conferencing services. Please contact our head office in Vancouver for more information, or send us an email or website form submission.