We are a Vancouver-based social change/social development consulting firm working with and for First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities  & organizations; adhering to our guiding principle, we specialize in and are committed to a participatory-action approach that honors and incorporates the strengths and traditional teachings of Indigenous communities to address power imbalances, social injustices and social inequities to facilitate social change.  We are skilled analysts specializing in participatory-action social research and grass-root social program planning to assist you to realize your vision.

Who is Social Change Solutions?




We have 11 years experience and knowledge from working with First Nations communities and organizations.  We are experienced analysts and problem solvers with extensive experience conducting participatory-action grass-roots social research and developing, implementing, and evaluating community and social programs in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.

We are skilled in social research, sociological analyses, the packaging and analysis of information, and facilitating social change.


Social Research & Analysis

  • Social Research

  • Historical Research

  • Data Collection and Analysis

  • Community Engagement

Social Program Planning

  • Needs Assessment

  • Program Design and Implementation

  • Program Analysis and Evaluation

Documenting Your Stories

  • Interviews

  • Investigating and Analysis

  • Documentation of Stories



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